PM Calvert | Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

    Will you hold a date while we decide?
    I am unable to hold a date unless the 25% deposit has been paid. My services are provided on a first come, first serve basis and we may have bookings a year in advance. Should another booking be nearing completion for your wedding date I’ll certainly touch base to see how you’re progressing in your decision making.

    How much time do we need for location photography / wedding portraits?
    In an ideal world, 60-90mins is a preferred amount of time (please remember to allow for travel time)

    Do you include high resolution images on disc in your package and are they watermarked?
    I include both high and web resolution images – all free of watermarking or branding.  The high resolution shots can be printed by any photography lab and the web versions will give you online suitable shots to share electronically.

    Do you do engagement photography?
    I sure do and find this is great a way for you to become comfortable with me and in front of a camera!  Your wedding day will be a long day and the more comfortable you are with my presence the better the photographs will turn out!

    Do you provide album design and printing services?
    I am more than happy to prepare an album to showcase your day and can discuss this process with you as part of our booking discussions.   More information and some examples can be found on the Fine Art Albums page.

    Do you shoot family photos at the wedding?
    Of course!  If you have a list of family photos you want taken, I recommend you have a family member who knows who everyone and can round them up in the required order. This is something we will work through as part of the booking process and in the lead up to your day.

    How many photos do we get?
    You will receive between 600 – 800 images from the day depending on what sort of package coverage you have booked.

    Do you retouch the photos that we receive?
    Our work is given overall tonal adjustments and some are converted to black & white. We do not do digital effects that are not considered ’darkroom techniques’, for example removing objects, making people thinner, smoothing skin etc.

    Can our friends come to our Engagement session with us?
    Its preferable not to have extra people on the shoot as sometimes it’s hard to get that comfortable feeling with other people watching. Yes, exceptions can be made of course, for example you may wish to have your children or pets involved. All I ask is that you discuss this with me in advance so that we can make any required arrangements.

    Will we be able to view the photographs online?
    Absolutely – in addition to your slideshow and USB you will receive a link to an online gallery to share with your friends and family.

    Can we give you a shot list of photos we want?
    You can and we can certainly discuss your ideas (this is most welcome!), however I prefer to not work from a list on the day.  I work very candidly throughout the day so working off a list is not really our style and if we are running to a specified list we may miss some of the other magic moments as they happen throughout the day.

    Do we get every single photo that you take on the day and can we have the RAW images?
    I do delete some photos; for example, blurred, test shots, photographs with exposure problems, people blinking etc.  I also do not provide RAW images from the day as these images represent my brand and style.

    Do you include prints as part of the package?
    Not by default however prints can be requested for an additional fee. Please discuss with me and I shall give you my pricing.

    How long before we get our photos from the wedding?
    The turnaround time is approximately four to six weeks depending on other workloads. I will always try to post some “sneak peeks” for you to view, because I know you’re anxious to view them!

    And the BIG question, how do we book you?
    Please contact me for my booking form contract. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, a retainer payment of 25% is required to confirm your date/booking.  Once they have been received the date is booked and you’re ready to go!